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Pagerank is Dead

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Feb 2015

pagerank dead

Do you still use Google PageRank as a tool to measure the quality of a blog SEO?
If yes, then you should have to stop the habit of now.
Because Google PageRank is dead.

Google PageRank is dead?

Google PageRank death issues actually been circulating for a long time, precisely since last October 2013. Only issue at the time of death was not proven because in December 2013 turned out to Google to update the PageRank. Yet it is more than one year since the last updated, Google PageRank until now there has been an update again.

Many consider that Google PageRank is completely dead and will no longer be updated for the foreseeable future. This is corroborated by the statement of one of the parties of Google, John Mueller, one of which says that the video (Check this) was likely a Google PageRank will not be updated again in the future.

If real dead, what his successor?

As we know so far Google PageRank is one of the metrics or trivial language tool that is often used to measure how handsome a blog or website in the eyes of Google. The higher the PageRank of a blog or website will be more handsome then also in the eyes of Google. But if Google PageRank really is dead then it is no longer are relevant to measuring instruments used. We need to look for other alternatives.
Then what about the appropriate replacement PageRank?
The answer is .... BACKLINK  Read : What is a backlink

Backlink is one of the main factors used by Google's algorithm to rank web pages on the internet. So it is definitely no better metrics in addition backlink to serve as an assessment of how handsome or cool a blog or website in the eyes of Google. But the problem .... to assess the quality of a backlink is not enough just to look at the quantity or number only.

Most SEO beginners only see a backlink from numbers alone. The more backlinks that means the better. Though not the case. Blog with 1 million backlinks could be considered ugly by Google if the backlinks are from sites Spam.Blog with 10 backlinks could be considered super handsome if these backlinks come from authority sites.

Because judging a backlink rather difficult then we need to look for other alternatives that can be used to measure the quality of a blog or web.Well .. Domain Authority and Page Authority is one of the best alternatives that can be used as a substitute for Google PageRank.

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