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Play PS2/PSP in android with emulator PPSSPP

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 8 Feb 2015

With increasingly sophisticated technology, now playing Playstation  at the smartphone are that usually be done. With an emulator, we can play PS2 games in virtual hardware, so it only made as the kernel of the software follows the devices working. Simple emulator program that makes an application as a virtual hardware devices and the ability to take advantage of native device that is then PS2 games can be played

How to Play PS2 / PSP in Android Using the Emulator

1. Please download and install PPSSPP her. (Download PPSSPP Here)
2. Provide the game ISO format (check here)
3. Save the PSP game ISO files to SD Card or your memory card, for example, you save in "sdcard / PSP". and run the emulator PPSSPP App or her
4. It would appear PSP emulators, PSP emulator settings, such as the pictures below.
setting emulator

setting emulator

Until on the image to 7, setting the emulator has been prepared and the image into 8 is a part of the games tab, find the ISO file of the game that has you save. later click the ISO file to immediately play the game.
Ready to play PS2 / PSP in android
With this application we can play PSP or PS2 games on Android with beauty. Of course, this emulator Development is still at an early stage and need further maintance. Highly recommended to play this game smoothly in order to use gadgets that are high-tech. Well so for the time being may be useful.

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