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Plus Minus Social Media Impact On Society

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 4 Feb 2015

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why there are many users who join in the networking site? Actually it could be ascertained using a number of social networking sites have a positive or negative impact. On this occasion I will try to discuss some either positive or negative impact of social networking media.

1. Positive Impact

Some of the positive impact of social networking mediaare:

• Media Dissemination of Information

Quickly existence of social networking sites facilitating the deployment process information quickly and on target. In just a matter of less than 1 minute, the information can be accessed easily. Obviously this is very helpful, especially in the era of sophisticated and modern as today.

• Sarana Developing Social Skills

Social media can also be a forum to develop social skills. As humans interact socially with one another was already into its own needs. As this ability can be sharpened easily with social media.

• An Expanding Opportunity Network Intercourse

With the social media, you may be possible to establish communication with anyone, including the new person and you do not know though. One positive effect of this can be utilized to expand the network of relationships to all corners of the world and try to benefit by learning a new culture, new language, and other insights.

2. Negative Impact

The existence of a positive impact of social networking media that have already been mentioned above does not mean there are no negative impacts that must be wary. Here are some negative effects of social networking mediaare:

• Can Damage Health

Social media can be detrimental to health if its use to addiction. Not a few connoisseurs of social media addiction, so involuntarily too long to spend time in front of the gadget and become passive move. This condition can interfere with physical health if continued.

• Cyber Crime

Ease of access to personal data through social media also support the development of crime in cyberspace. Crime in the virtual world is also quite diverse began from spamming, cracking, hacking, to carding.

• Public Isolation

The most scary impact of the ease of access of social media is a public insulation. Not a bit of social media users who prefer active in the virtual world and even isolate themselves from real life.

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