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Secrets To Approved Google Adsense

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 5 Feb 2015

How to blog to accepted google adsense? here's how!

This suggestion is collected from various blogs that provide tricks and tips for google adsense blog received.
Below I sort by the most important thing.
secret google adsense

1. Read the AdSense Program Policies

The first thing that is most important to my friend to do is to read and understand the Google AdSense program policies. It is not only useful when we register it, but also when we already have the google adsense account. Click Here to read the AdSense Program Policies.

2. Creating Unique Content on Your Site

Content is the King. As mentioned previously, the originality of an idea or content on your website is an important value for Google Adsense. They pay attention to whether the content in a useful website for others or not. and Do not Copy Paste content.

3. completeness Blog

If there is completeness the content above, then the next tips completeness blog. so that our blog does not look like carelessly blog that purports to sign up for Google AdSense.
completeness couple of blogs that I mean here is:

page supporters

Make sure your blog has pages of supporters like about me, Contact me, disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc. I myself just make two pages are Contacts I and Privacy Policy.

menu Navigation

Few tips when installing navigation menu, try not to put a link that leads to a label or category page, but the link that leads directly to the post.


Some widgets that should be installed are: Popular Posts / Recent Post, Archives, Categories / Labels, Profile Google Plus.

Link Out

Links out is also quite important that we look more alamai blog. Try to put a link blogs that discuss the same topic with our blog.

4. Age Blog

Problems age of blogs, I am not so sure to be one of the factors, because of previous experience I ever register a blog that has been over a year old and still rejected. But it would be nice, you register a blog that has been aged at least one month.

5. Visitors?

To the end of the problem may be a little buddy to ignore. blog my registered visitors only have 50 / day. In addition, many bloggers whose blogs have the accepted Google AdSense without visitors.

6. Templates

Try to use a template or theme that is simple, clear, and neat. In this case I chose a template using the Fastest Magz.

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