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The Best Keyword Research Tools

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 9 Feb 2015

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The best research keyword tools
Do you still have difficulty in deciding the keywords for your blog, this post may help you in choosing keywords, out there a lot of keyword tools that can be used to get the right keywords for your blog, start the free until paid. With Seo Tool Optimizer keywords that you can check how many keywords are searched and how many competitors that use the same keywords.
I'll tell you some keyword tool most commonly used by the web master and master Seo, these of them:

Google Adwords

This tool is the most widely used, knowingly owned by google, so if you want to close at its search engine, you also need to use tools makes. This tool helps you see how many people search for a keyword and how tight the competition. This tool also offers other similar keywords with keywords that we input.

Google Trends

Helping you look at the graph keyword search in a certain time interval between 1 month to 5 years, as well as to compare several keyword search trends.


Keywoord this tool has the most features compared to other tools. Also has the accuracy of the data better than other tools. Can be used to determine how much of a word or phrase that people search through the search engines in the past month. I am not aware of any other than google adwords keyword tool more widely used than this Wordtracker.


Very famous especially for people who are struggling with money making opportunities. Now it has become a part of Yahoo! Search Marketing. This tool provides data services for keywords that are searched last months in particular overture network.


Keyword research tool that one is able to provide direction on the keyword that is synonymous with our keyword input, and look ready to take the only competitors who use it and how tight the competition.

keyword Discovery

One keyword suggestion tool that provides a database of keywords synonymous very much, along with the data frequency of the search.

Good Keywords

If this keyword tool you must first download, seo tool keyword generator can be used in the early stages of research keywords

Google Sets

Provide information about similar keywords
Tools above is very useful especially for Seo Optimization On Page blog. Oh, yes! One more thing I would add,


If this keyword tool that you can use in choosing keywords that will you put in the title of your post. This tool helps calculate how often a word appears in an article. from the results of this calculation you can then determine the title of your article

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