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The Best Niche for Google Adsense

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 15 Feb 2015

The Best Niche blog for great adsense earning - Niche is a specific topic / specific discussed in a blog. Niche blogs tend to be favored by the search engine Google. Because the search engine easier to determine the theme of the blog niche. Because of the topics covered in the blog just that's it, the alias is not a lot of topics.

Its the same thing as Google AdSense ads. This ad impressions tend to be more relevant to the topics discussed in the blog article. With these blog entries are specific niche blogs.
Not all niche blogs can generate high and ad clicks or can earn a great income from this AdSense. For example, your blog is niche blogger tutorials. AdSense ads are less suited installed on your blog. The reason is the type of its visitors alike bloggers who are already in the know about the adsense ads, so they rarely click on ads.
Below is a niche preferred by google:

1. Health and Beauty

This niche is very potential to bring the number of ad clicks. In addition, the amount paid per click is also quite large. With a record of the article content language using English.

2. Education

If this niche is clear. His visitor if not the students, teachers, professors, students, etc. Topics covered too broad. Usually material relevant ads.

3. Entertainment

This includes niche niche celebrity gossip news. Article for this niche quickly wither. Therefore, you must update the blog continues that the topics discussed in the blog is always up to date with the development of entertainment.

4. Finance

This niche is very broad. Start of Insurance, Savings, Business, Economics, and much more. The ads displayed are also related to the financial as forex advertising, online football agent, marketing, etc.

5. Food & Drink

Niche recipes, food, etc. This is indeed very good. Usually the ads displayed also about food. In addition, it is also a wide variety of visitors which could potentially bring in a large ad clicks.

6. Home & Garden

This niche includes furniture, property, luxury goods in the household. It's great value every valid ad clicks. Because the advertiser tend willing to pay higher per click ads produced.

7. References

Niche is almost similar to the type of education niche. Topics covered also not much different.

8. Technology

The development of technology and information currently very rapidly. A wide variety of the latest gadgets, mobile phones, laptops, now grown and developed very significant. So, if your potential niche working on this one. Because the number of requests for information is immense by internet users. In addition, no less interesting it is also about the ads displayed the latest technology that offers its products to be purchased.

9. Travel

This is a niche that has a large number of advertisers. They are the online ticket agents, tour package provider, hotel, etc. Usually this niche will generate high revenue ahead of the holiday season. Topics covered in this niche is also very spacious. So, do not worry about running out of ideas to write articles.

Similarly, simple information that I can share to you about Niche Blogs are good and for AdSense. May be useful for you all

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