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Tips How to Motivate Yourself When Lazy Blogging

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 1 Feb 2015

Being kept motivated certainly not easy, not a few bloggers who are desperate and finally stopped in the middle of the road because they think that they can not / talented.
Here is the way I do to motivate myself when lazy blogging.

View Google Analytic or Histats
After I finished with all procedures blogging, moments that most makes me passion is to see the development of the statistics blog. Both results are bad or good.
When I finished with onpage SEO and link building for example, I always noticed chart the development of my blog visitors. If the result is the same or even decreased, meaning there is something wrong with the way I do. I live evaluate it. But so far, very rarely get a result like this.
Traffic growth should not be in a hurry, sometimes 6-12 months later a new look, with my own requirements should be consistent updates of SEO and content for the new blog. Which becomes bad is when we demotivation and leave the new blog, new blog when it is full of potential.

Eliminate Negative Thinking
You will always find people who are negative or pessimistic, including when blogging. Sometimes when someone comments, they are not always positive comments on my blog. But I ignored it, I do not want things like that make me demotivation.
I always talk to myself. "Wait a moment later, I will prove that my argument is true".

See Note Income
Nothing beats earnings motivation when we are blogging. Yes, most of the blogs that I manage is to make a profit. View the progress of income is another thing that keeps me motivated, especially when I just received a payment, call it from AdSense

Blogwalking to a Successful Blogger Blog
After reading their writings, somehow I always wanted to continue writing. I always get new ideas for writing. I am always eager to promote my blog, SEO.
When I get a problem when blogging, I have always commented and asked them about the case of the face. Their answer is always motivated me to continue blogging.

Set your target Short Term and Long Term
What is the purpose of my blog?
This question always brings me to remember the first time I made a blog. At that time I was limited to the purpose of my existence in cyberspace. Then developed so that I can get unlimited income as professional bloggers.
The targets should be clear, not abstract. Abstract target tends to make us not focus. Specifies the target short-term and long-term for me is very important. By looking at this target I always compelled to write and evaluate my blogging career.
My short-term target now is to buy a private car. For that I always remind myself by way of papering the car I wanted in my laptop. With so I always remember and motivated continue.

So, what this article has motivated you?
tell me how you motivate yourself when demotivation or when you lazy blogging, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

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