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Tricks BBM Broadcast for Marketing Strategy

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 4 Feb 2015

With the increasingly widespread use BBM applications, allowing you a great opportunity to use it for business. Yes, in addition to the use of social media, forums and websites, seems to be a BBM service area of considerable potential to attract many clients. Though compared to social media services, BBM feature is quite limited and considered not to provide flexibility.
BBM Broadcast
But what's more, this service is the most popular messenger services and inevitably you can only take advantage of features such as broadcast or so-called message broadcasting. This feature allows you to send to some or to all your BBM contacts. Still hesitant to take advantage of this feature? Here are the tricks and tips:

1. The More Affordable by Broadcast

Which determine the more affordable contacts by broadcasting your message of course is the number of existing contacts. It's more affordable will be good because the every 1000 people who sent the message broadcasting means that there will be 1,000 people who read it. So, do not be proud to add another contact person. But can not be arbitrary also, because the better you add a contact as potential clients.

2. Write More

Because the broadcast message is a message sent to many people, then you should write more. The meaning is not to send a short promotional broadcast. Write your product along with the description, then enter the price and contact person. So do not let your shredding broadcasting messages such as dividing into two messages. That's why every broadcast papaun generally written and maximum length. It's just that the risk is still there, because the long article makes people lazy to read.

3. Enter the words Greeting

Suddenly you send broadcast messages immediately write down a list of products and their descriptions. Does it meet the norms of decency? So, make sure you have inserted the words of greeting, as an example of 'good-night my friend', 'hello guys' and so on. Such traits that make the reader will certainly be more comfortable and show that you're greeted everyone.

Not forgetting also said sorry at the end of the article. Why say sorry? Remember, not everyone actually comfortable getting a broadcast message. There are times when they feel disturbed, so you have to write 'sorry if this bothers broadcast' or there is a popular abbreviation 'SBC' (Sorry Broadcast), or with more slang language 'sorry purple' (broadcast messages are usually purple).

4. Do not Often Doing Broadcast

Although broadcast BBM which can be a powerful marketing medium, but has many powerful marketing expert who suggests that you should not use it too often. The first reason is obvious interfere with the privacy of others, then you are the biggest risk being labeled as spam handyman and consequently you will be in delcon (delete contact).

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