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Understanding Google Panda Algorithm

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Feb 2015

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At introduced on February 23, 2011, the first time the impact of panda algorithm greatly affect seo SERP and many people who protest about panda algorithm because many websites discarded away from the SERP and even some websites removed from SERP, then seo experts think that google panda work to stop unnatural backlink but that assumption is not true because google panda be updated for selecting the quality of the content on the site, this raises a great criticism because the algorithm is very indiscriminately, all articles that are not qualified and articles are taken from the copy and paste .

Many of the questions submitted and finally the google panda algorithm expressed about the point is:

1. Sites that have low quality content will not occupy on good SERP because panda focuses on the content presented to the user experience, to restore the impact factor of panda algorithm is with create unique content and only to the user experience, this year panda also gives very large impact on panda update v.4. for it please fix your site to be accepted again by google.

2. Duplicate Content is one of the sites only contain low quality content. on panda update, quality content and duplicate content so on notice, many assume that duplicate content is a usual thing but actually duplicate content is one thing that is not favored by Internet users, the article will seem very saturate and do not add to a good user experience, for make sure that your content is not there any plagiaris or duplicate content.

3. Weak Content: many cases only the content focuses on the search engines is the target of panda algorithm, because the content focuses on the search engines they act only for the upcoming traffic without providing a good user experience.
To get out of bondage google panda, there are things you have to do is with update your site only to the user experience as I have to say that the panda algorithm is more focused on content.

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