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Understanding Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Feb 2015

Google algorithm the third is hummingbird, which many in Discuss by all seo experts, many predict that hummingbird algorithms focus on quality content, but all that is wrong because the algorithm to handle about quality content is still on hold by the algorithm panda, and many say that the algorithm hummingbird launched to filter unnatural backlink, but again, this assumption is not correct because the penguin algorithm is still in the update at the end of 2013. so what actually algorithms hummingbird?
google hummingbird
Hummingbird google algorithm was launched on 26 September 2013, but the actual hummingbird algorithm changes already in use in August 2013, when it was no big change in the quest as I said above all seo experts predict the update penguins and panda at the time, but all that is wrong, if google has launched google hummingbird.

The objective of the Hummingbird  algorithm is to better understand user requests.
Bill Slawski explains that when someone searches for "place of what is most convenient in town bali?", Hummingbird was able to discern that with the word "place" the user may be interested in the results "restaurant". Much speculation that this change is necessary in order to search Google Voice becomes more effective. Points and goals of Hummingbird algorithm is to understand more about the user's search to get good results.

What should we do in order to adapt to the changing algorithms hummingbird? we should focus more on content is only presented to the user experience, as I have said above most likely via google voice of people would rather than having to type in advance. that's the purpose of a hummingbird, all done for the user not to the owner of the site or seo expert. hopefully this article can answer you are still confused about the Google algorithm.

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