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Understanding Google Pigeon Algorithm

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Feb 2015

Many SEO experts say that google pigeon focuses only on local search, so it's impact is probably not as large as the hummingbird or panda algorithm which is very pronounced in the search results and this pigeon google algorithm will update all local search results especially for your online business owners and shop highly profitable online at all due to target keywords easily once.
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Now I will explain how that content and your website can get maximum results for google pigeon, some points are very influential to the progress of your website the following important points you should do for pigeon algorithm:
  1. Increase Authority Site: one of the way you have to do to get a good place in the SERP is to build and enhance the site authority, high authority websites that have had a great chance to get a position in SERP pages. sites that have high authority is preferable by google pigeon this time, to continue to increase the authority that your website to get a good position in SERP.
  2. Create Content for local search: if you do not create content for local search results it is time you create content that focuses on local searches, make content easily found by local users be it the title or description and your content.
  3. Make Apps for Local Search: take advantage of smartphone apps to ease your visitors to open and view the website anytime and anywhere, this is a good trick to increase local search, you can use a free tool to make this smartphone application, one of them with using the tool Appsgeyser.
  4. Connecting Profile google plus and Website: points to four is always connecting profile G + you with a website, even if for now authorship search is no longer show our profile but the role of google plus and the website still has a major influence on SEO.
  5. Request a response from Website Visitors: The point is not so influential, but once again google always pay attention to the interests and how well your website for all visitors, for it Respond all comments your website to increase the popularity of your website.

That points you should look for the Google Algorithm Pigeon confront this time, by using the above points you will get what you are looking for. I need to underline pigeon algorithm only focuses on the search results instead of the content or the other, so take advantage of this pigeon updates to your business well.

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