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Vivaldi, The New Web Browser and Fastest at the moment

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Feb 2015

Vivaldi - Product innovation is not just on the basis of internal business expectations, but meet the needs of the people who actually become a major priority in winning business competition.

One is the business of technology. This is apparently done by former developers of Opera Software. Some former employees of the Opera Web browser is now building his own alliance to build a web browser technology that is claimed to be able to meet the needs of people around the world. The Web browser called "Vivaldi" or Vivaldi Technologies.

According to information presented on its website. The idea of making his own Vivaldi blaze in early 2015. After 11 years they are involved with web browsing services industry. They assess, today Opera is losing dignity as a web browser that is considered no longer give priority to public services, but only limited to business expectations.

The developers Vivaldi claim if their new product is a web browser application that has the speed and lightweight compared to most other web browsers. This application was already able to run on various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS and Linux. To feel the performance, the public is given the freedom to download it for free and have entered into version

People who develop Vivaldi itself are people who are expert in application development. Among them is André Schultz. He is the developer of Vivaldi Technologies and a former Software Developer of Opera Software ASA for 114 years.

In addition to Schultz, the designer Vivaldi also has a highly qualified experience in the field. He was Henrik Helmers. The young designers also have an experience that can not be underestimated.

In division designers, Helmers had worked at Opera Software for 2 years as an Interface Designer. In addition, in 2013 he is also serving as a Designer at Opera Software, after being out and work in Dagbladet for 1 year as a Web Developer.

Unsparing, CEO of Vivaldi Technologies itself is important in the former Opera Software. He is Jon von Tetzchner. Founder and CEO of Opera is now leading the business development in Vivaldi. He most recently served as Chief Officer in 2010 to the throne had to be occupied by Lars Boilesen.

To download this application. Please click on a page of their official website at vivaldi.com

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