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What is backlink? And How to get Backlinks?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Feb 2015


What is a backlink? this is often asked by novice bloggers, and whether it is important for blogs? the answer is very important.
Even very important, many people are willing to spend money to get it. On the other side of it a lot of bloggers who do not care about the benefits of backlinks itself. They only focus reproduce articles and blogs to promote various social media.
Indeed, there is no harm done like that, but the blog still need whose name backlinks. If the URLs of a house, backlink is a foundation home. Why is that? because the backlinks that would make the blog stand firmly on search engines.

Understanding Backlink

Backlink is derived from two words and a link back, or links back and link means the address of a website. So backlinks is an interweaving of a site with other sites in the form of feedback. For example: the blog link "Panjul" contained in the blog "gogon" and vice versa.

How to get backlinks

  1. Commenting on other people's blogs, comments should not be carelessly what more if the comment was not in accordance with the contents of the article. Commenting appropriate so as not to be considered spam and use the ID "url name" because I think it is more effective.
  2. Create a blog shadow, shadow blogs are blogs that we created as the main source of backlinks to your blog. Fill in each blog a minimum of 10 articles and try to blog already indexed and do not forget injections backlink to the shadow blog.
  3. Sign in discussion forums, how to sign up to an online discussion forum anywhere. Then answer each question while leaving a link to your blog (while diving drinking water).
  4. Exchange links, look for friends or people who have a blog to exchange links.

Maybe that's all this discussion about "what is a backlink", may be usefull.

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