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What is a Blog Zombie? How To Get it?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 7 Feb 2015

 blog zombie

What is a Blog Zombie?

Zombie Blog is a blog that was originally already registered then removed by the Google, then can we turn on back the have been deleted blog. However, not all blogs are deleted by the Google can we list or turn on back, a blog that can be turned on or be reregistered usually contains posts like this "Sorry, the blog you were looking for does not exist. However, the name xxxx is available to registers! ". This is what zombie blog, blog awaken the dead to turn it back on.

How to Search Blog Zombie?

Maybe you all are interested and wanted to get a zombie blog, so here I will also explain how to hunt or search for blogs zombie with ease, please you consider the following steps:

Mozilla Firefox
Add-ons LinkChecker 0.6.7
- Link Checker: This function is to check the page the link is still active or not.

1. Open Mozilla Firefox
2. Press Ctrl + Shift + A that are on the Add-ons
4. Search Add-ons LinkChecker 0.6.7, then Install and restart Mozilla
8. Go to www.google.co.id
9. Select one of the codes below, then look for the search engines:
site: blogger.com/profile Blogger
site: blogger.com/profile admin
site: blogger.com/profile Blogs I Follow
site: blogger.com/profile On Blogger since
site: blogger.com/profile Location: singapore
site: blogger.com/profile Gander: Male / Female

10. Click one of the links that exist in Google
blog zombie

11. Upon entry into one of the Profile, Right click and then click Check Page Links
blog zombie

12. Look at the color of each link, Green means active and Red means dead
13. Click on the link that is colored red, if you are lucky then the blog can be made back

Blog Zombie like what a nice?

A good zombie blog that has a Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) is high, For zombie blog DA has a value of at least 26 and PA definitely above 90 all. However there are a few more things we can say as a good zombie blogs such as the following:
Having DA and PA are high.
Have a minimum PageRank 1.
Having backlinks.
For those of you who find or get a zombie blog that has a PageRank and Backlinks it is advisable to rebuild the blog or you can sell the zombie blog.

What are the Benefits Blog Zombie?

Benefits owned by zombie blog very much, blogs zombie usually much sought or hunted by Blogger, why yes to build their main blog, or they can also sell. Other benefits obtained from the blog zombie are as follows:
Build backlinks to the main blog.
Build PageRank towards the main blog.
Selling zombie blog.
No need to build a blog from scratch, because the good zombie blogs that usually go already have a good pagerank and backlinks.
There are many other benefits of blogs owned by zombie, but I guess that's the fundamental reason that made the bloggers in the hunt zombie blog.

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