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What is Domain Authority and Page Authority?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 13 Feb 2015

Domain authority

What Is a Domain Authority (DA)?

Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of a domain name and is one of many factors the search engine rankings. Domain Authority is based on three factors: age, popularity, and size. By having these three factors will be easy website to rank high in the search results. The search engines want to provide users with a trustworthy website results. New websites popping up every day and many do not survive in the SERP for a variety of reasons. Domain Authority is based on a logarithmic scale of 1 to 100, where each site that has the greatest DA that most good sites than at sites that have a high DA, for example:

Site A has DA 30
Site B has a DA 50
Then the most excellent site is the site B, because it has a larger DA as PageRank, the greater the value the higher the rank.

For those using blogspot.com subdomain will have over 90 DA.

How to Increase Autority Domain?

There are several factors that can increase autority domain of a website, one of the following factors:

Domain age

Domain age is an indicator of confidence because of proven search engine that the website has a long life. If the website owner has maintained the registration of a website consistently and has resulted in increased traffic to the domain from time to time, search engines conclude that it must serve a purpose and be a reliable source.

Domain Popularity

Domain Popularity is measured in part by the number of incoming links (inbound links) from quality sites that have a domain. Inbound links to a domain is a signal that the website has useful information that is worth sharing. This is why link building is very important with White Hat SEO techniques. Tactics such as Blogwalking, submit to web directories, article marketing, and social media help to build inbound links to the domain and generate traffic from time to time.

Domain size

The size of a website on the domain contributes to the authorities because of the number of pages that exist on the domain correlates with the amount of content that can generate inbound links. A larger website with quality content on every page will have more inbound links from a website.

Domain Domain Authority or Trust is very important because it will help a new page of content including blog posts will be indexed faster and have a better chance of getting top ranking in search results.

What is Page Authority (PA)?

Page Authority or Authorities Page SEO is a term used to describe the probability that a particular page of your site to be found on search engines. Page Authority is based on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 and deals with the relevance of the information and links on the web page of each other. Page Authority higher the chances are your page appears in search engines, and that your pages will be placed closer to the top of search results. Note that the authority of the linked page to page within the site, not the site itself. Sites that have a PA with large values it will be better compared to a site that has a small PA, for example:

Site A has a PA 30
Site B has a PA 50
Then the most excellent site is the site B, because it has a larger PA as PageRank, the greater the value the higher the rank.
How to Increase Page Authority?

With search engine algorithms continue to change, everyone wants to know the secret to getting their pages rank highest. However, the reality is that there are no secrets. Google has released thousands of patents on algorithms that help tell us how Google ranks for each site. SEO experts have been looking for a pattern of how the site can gain more authority and become a page rank higher, and have dug to a depth of Google's process for determining the key to successfully increase the authority of your page. Several factors are considered to affect the ranking include:
Original content

Search engine optimization at one point considered to be all about keywords. The website will flood their pages with relevant keywords to improve their rankings in the search engines. On the other hand that the content would be less user-friendly. Over the years, Google has been trying to get rid of these sites and improve the ranking of sites with fresh content that can be applied to the browser.

As previously SEO experts say, content is king. Search engines now tend to give higher ranking websites with content:
New and interesting
frequently updated
Detailed, relevant and useful
Qualified and fun to read
Link To Your Page

Have great information on your page not only attract new browser into your site and reassure the browser, but also can be useful in building your reputation as others provide a link to your page. Make a link to your page from other sites is a great way to increase the Page Authority (Authority page) you. These links raise awareness for your site, and when used properly can increase traffic to your page. Having a website that links to our site from a page other people it is not easy, but by having Original Content likely others will make our website as a reference.
Pictures or Images

The text is not the only important factor in SEO. With the ability of search engines to find images, graphics are more important than ever. But how people can find your site through pictures? The way is easy that is by inserting an image related to your pages and include descriptive ALT text so that the image can be found on search engines. So you also will get traffic sources from the image and will generate more traffic to your site.
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