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What is the Footprint? Definition and Understanding Footprint SEO For Beginners.

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 9 Feb 2015

SEO the Footprint is a trail that is owned by a script or a specific platform, each script has a special code that is specific and not owned by a script or other platforms.
I think I gave this explanation is less obvious, essentially footprint is a trail that can be taken from the platform the site, so here I hope you understand.

What is the Footprint? Definition and Understanding The Footprint SEO 

If you've been to the wordpress.org site, I'm sure you've seen the text "powered by wordpress", it is one of the trail owned by wordpress site.

Another example, you also must have been doing comments to blogs, and usually there is a text like "post a comment", "leave a comment", and others. And it is usually characteristic of every blog that provides commentary box. Well, it is also one example of the footprint.

Another example again, you've been to my site? if ever, seen in the lower right corner, credit link section, I insert powered by blogger, it also includes the footprint. Anyway footprint that much, you can own creations.
This footprint can use to search for the appropriate blog footprint before you enter, for example if you want to find a site that is hosted on blogger or bloggers who use the platform, you can enter "powered by blogger".
Well, this concept you can use to find the source of backlinks to your blog ..

How to Find Backlink by Footprint

If for example I want to find backlinks blog comments from GOV websites that have similar themes to my site that is SEO, then the footprint that you can use is ..
1. To search for the extension .gov sites, then footprint that is used here is the site: .gov
2. Because we want to find backlinks with blog comments, then we have to add the "post a comment", "leave a comment", and others.
3. And we want to find more specific results that are looking for sites that contain the word SEO, then you can add the "SEO".
footprint SEO

The search results above is 28,200, we would not probably do the comments one by one to 28 thousand sites above, so I will look for more specific results. For example, I want to find a website blog comment without login first before commenting, we can enter - "you must be logged in to"
footprint SEO

Google search results to showing 36, the number is too specific in my opinion, but it does not matter, you can use another footprint. You can use sites that provide tools footprint like http://dropmylink.com.

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