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12 Most Popular Site URL shortener

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Mar 2015

URL shortening sites are used to keep the site that is being shared by users of social media, the goal would be manifold. Actually very many URL shortening sites in cyberspace, but there are a few sites are often used by users of social media.

Here are 12 most popular URL shortening sites:

Goo.gl URL shortener site is made by Google. Goo.gl certainly has its advantages as quickly indexed by the Google search engine and raise the reputation of the blogs or sites shared.

Bit.ly before coming Goo.gl, shortening the site is very popular, but now there are many users who use the site because of its simplicity to choose the bit.ly URL shortening in accordance with the wishes of its users. Unfortunately, the features can be done when we are already a member Bit.ly. But do not worry though not a member, you still use the site's URL shortener.

This site is a website URL shortener lightest and not complicated because it looks very simple. But judging by the character of TinyURL is still too long compared to the others only 4-5 letters only.

Site URL shortener is a bit complicated because they have to sign in first can not be directly used.

This site is very simple URL shortener artificial MESMET this looks very simple and not complicated. Surely you just copy the link and press Shorten! Already completed.

Site URL shortener is often used by bloggers who want to earn extra income. As more and more links are opened by someone else, the more earning for those who register link above.

Site URL shortener it looks very minimalist and not complicated. You can simply copy and paste your link and press Trim. You can directly get its URL shortener code.

Site URL shortener this one immediately put option if you want to write down the URL with the name desired by the user. After that, just press Shorten the URL shortener already appeared. The advantages of this site has a QR code that can be installed or printed anywhere.

You may recognize McAfee anti virus, it turns McAfee also has a URL shortener. This site is still beta and still developed by McAfee.

Site URL shortener is indeed unique because of its name are only using the letter G all the Gg.gg. This site would provide a URL shortening service customization.

Site URL shortener is made of Detik.com news site. The look of the site is very simple and lightest, and to use it is not complicated to use.

Site URL shorteners are made by children in Indonesia. This site was made since 2010 ago.

Actually there are many websites that another URL shortener, like cli.gs, patrl.com, sn.im, su.pr and so forth. Hopefully these sites useful for those of you who want to shorten the URL.

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