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Differences Google Adsense Account Hosted and Non-Hosted

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Mar 2015

Differences Google Adsense Account Hosted and Non-Hosted - Perhaps many already put google adsense. But do they know about his differences?
Being publiser Google Adsense is very profitable for us. What more content is in the original blog. To become a Google Adsense publiser there are two options, namely Google Adsense Hosted and Non-Hosted. What is the difference it? Let's look.
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Google Adsense Hosted

  1. Google Adsense Hosted could only be installed on Youtube.com only.
  2. Google Adsense can not be installed Hosted domains / TLD (Top Level Domain)
  3. Hosted a Google Adsense account can be installed in several blogs.
  4. Google Adsense Hosted if it is installed on a blog that has a TLD (Top Level Domain) ads will not appear.
  5. Google Adsense Hosted not too sensitive and also not easily be banned. Differences with Non-Hosted Google Adsense account.
  6. Google Adsense Hosted easy to be registered and also faster in received or approved

Google Adsense Non Hosted

  1. Google Adsense Non Hosted, can be installed in all Blog except Wordpress.
  2. Google Adsense Non Hosted Can be installed on the Blog which has Domain Top Level Domain
  3. One Non-Hosted Google Adsense Account can only be installed on a blog / website, not much, just one.
  4. Google Adsense Non Hosted very sensitive to violations filed by the parties themselves and easy google banned. unlike google adsense hosted.
  5. Google Adsense Non Hosted quite difficult to list them, if the blogs are berdomain Top Level Domain, I think there may be a relief, because the google considers a blog that has Domain / TLD More Professional.
  6. Google Adsense Non Hosted Direct can be registered from Blogspot.com. Google Adsense Non Hosted quite a long APPROVE it from the Google Adsense Hosted.

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