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How to Apply and Install Google Analytics Code on Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Mar 2015

How to Apply and Install Google Analytics Code on Blog - you want to know the traffic to your blog? Or want to know how crowded your blog? Google Analytics is the right application to monitor your blog, especially google analytics is also very important for online businesses and seekers of money on the internet because it is through Google's applications, we can find out how crowded our blog
We go straight to the tutorial how to register and install google analytics code of your blog.

How to Apply Google Analytics Universal

Visit the Page Google Analiytics
After being on google analytics page, click the link in the upper right ENTRY.
REGISTRATION Click to create a new analytics account.
Once you enter and complete the registration form
Make sure you select the option that is WEBSITE  not APPLICATIONS
Scroll down gets you would choose the option of google analytics and be sure to choose the UNIVERSAL ANALYTICS because of its complete and equally free.

Next click agreed on POLICE PRIVACY
Once you click ACCEPT, you will be taken to your account page, and there will be a code analytics that you should install on your blog.

Please copy the code

Installing Google Analytics Tracking ID on your blog

Log in to your blogger account
Find </ head> section of your blog and paste the analytics code just above the </ head>
Save Changes
Try re-open the google analytics and press F5 and see if there is a notification TRACKING CODE successful or not.

Actually you can also install the tracking ID through and select other settings in the column google analytics code input TRACKING YOUR (UA-XXXXX-X). (see picture)
With the installation of a tracking id on your blog then you can find your blog traffic and SEO tetunya already over. Similarly, how to list and install google analytics code of your blog is finished, OK I think enough until here before thanks for stopping by and reading my article.

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