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How To Change Android Keyboard Skin

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 21 Mar 2015

How to Change Skin / Theme Keyboard for Android - If you are bored with Display android keyboard background, which looks standard and boring. In this post, I will discuss how to change the a keyboard theme android with the application.
Some applications to change the skin / theme keyboard:
1. Go Keyboard
2. Smart Keyboard
3. Keyboard Color

But I will discuss the application of the "Go Keyboard". In the application the user will easily design background Display on android keyboard for example with Skin Changing keyboard with a photo or image that we want, change the font writing on the keyboard and is also available some emote, themes and icons auto text available instantly. Here is a screenshot Display

go keyboard


1. First, download Go Keyboard application on the following link
via PlayStore
2. Install and Run the application and select the Switch to Go Keyboard, select the input method on GO Keyboard, If out the language selection, then select the desired fit.
go keyboard
3. Then Reopen application "Go Keyboard" on the menu, and Themes To Change Skin or you can download the Keyboard tab, but if you want Replace with Photos own choice, you can choose Portrait Background / landscape Background and select photos on the gallery, transparent set accordingly.
go keyboard
4. Further to not activate Feature Suggestion keywords, you enter the input, and turn off  Features Display Suggestion.
go keyboard
5. Finally if you want to Changing fonts changed only on the keyboard display you can get in on the "Display", select Font Settings, and select the Scan Font last stay in the desired font (This is useful if you have multiple fonts already installed)

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