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How to register adsense through Youtube

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Mar 2015

How to register adsense through youtube - Most people decide to register and join the Google AdSense in the hope that they will get the money or are known to make money by placing ads on their websites or perhaps by some other means. But most bloggers leave blogging because they feel hard and pessimistic that will not get approval from Google AdSense. Finally they decided to retreat before the war. Let We consider AdSense List Easy Way Through Youtube In 4 Steps below.


The first stage is to register the email first, if you do not already have a gmail account, but for those who already have a gmail account, it is sufficient that account is used. In order for the registration process to run smoothly, you should not use a google email account which had been rejected previously.


Once you have successfully created a gmail email, the next step is to upload videos through youtube, to upload videos via youtube please log in first to Youtube.com and then upload your video.
Tip: please upload your video truly original or recording your own, because the registration process will be much faster and efficient.


The third step of the way through youtube adsense list is to do a little setting on the YouTube account you have.

youtube adsense

After that, you must accept all the terms and conditions by clicking "I accept". If so, look at the top right corner click the arrow next to the button to upload and click "Manage Videos".
Once you have approved the terms of the Google AdSense, then click the button Monetize.
youtube adsense

4. Associate account ADSENSE

After successfully setting on your youtube account, the next step is to associate an AdSense account with videos that have been uploaded previously. To link Adsense Account, Visit https://www.youtube.com/account_monetization and expand the topic "How Will I Be Paid" and click on the link "Associate an Adsense Account". Here are Screenshotnya:
youtube adsense

the next, you will be directed to a screen where you are asked to set up your Adsense account. Click the "Continue" button to fill in your details such as address, State, Payee Name etc. After click the continue button, then you will be asked to fill in some of the data including the State, Account Type, Address etc. Please fill out completely.
youtube adsense

After completing the form, then click the Send button and wait 1-2 hours validation process, after the validation process is complete you will get EMail contains details Adsense Account Approved.

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