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How to SEO Optimize To File Image

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 31 Mar 2015

Optimizing SEO Tips To File picture, maybe you all already understand and already know how important optimize image files useless for SEO.

If it is concluded that there will be four elements that you have to do to optimize these image files, which include the use of Alt and title, the name of the image file, determining the size of image files and text surrounding the image file. To talk about the pictures I think this is important enough content, especially for Photoblog, blog design, photoshop tutorials, and others.

Optimizing the image file is useful to create images that we upload into the blog articles will be read in the image search Google or other search engines. Additionally, it will speed up loading images in blog so that visitors not long to wait before loading

How to optimize images to be more SEO blog :

1. Giving Keywords in image files
Maybe this time you do not do the granting of keywords on the image file that you upload to blog posts, the picture is still the name for example: Foto423.jpg well so I think you change the image file name, before you upload, rename images, according to the description of the image.

2. Noting the size of the image file size
Furthermore, we must also consider the size of the image, it includes also, if the image file size must be large indeed, if yes, it will not be a problem, if the picture is just to give the decorations on your blog, you should first reduce the image size .
To reduce the image size without reducing the image quality (actually decreased only slightly) you can use a tool kompersi and PNG image optimization with JPEGTran.

3. Add text around the image
Provide the text around the image will be very influential, because it will give an idea of the image. We recommend that you give the relevant text in the image so that Google is able to take into account the blog will be on Page one.

4. Giving Alt and title text in the image
I think this is the most important thing, because giving Alt and title on this image will make the images that you upload into SEO earlier, and will make your blog to be number one or Page one on Google.

How to give Alt and title in the figure is the way, click on the image and choose Properties

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