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How To Use Google Docs

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 24 Mar 2015

How to Use Google Docs - Google Docs is the perfect service for people wherever he is, while connected to the internet. Unlike software that we use such as Microsoft Office, Libre Office and others, Google Docs only be on the Web or now commonly referred to is in the cloud computing network. You will save document files using various computer with internet connection and even gadgets. Google Docs does not limit the .DOC file format, but also Google Docs provides the facility to create images, spread sheets, presentations and even form!. Interesting is not it?
Google Docs

How to Use Google Docs

Okay, below are some step how to make Google Docs:
  1. Open your web browser, and visit the website of Google Docs at docs.google.com. Terms of use of Google Docs is that you must have a Google account, create the accounts / google mail (gmail).
  2. After entering, you will be offered to use Google Drive which is a cloud facilities to store files on the server google, just like dropbox. If you are willing to download the application, please click on Download Google Drive for PC.
  3. Click the Create / Create New in the top navigation bar on the left side of the screen. File option will display the menu below after clicking the button.
  4. Please work. Display interface of Google Docs is not much different from most other office applications.

Why use Google Docs ?

Many benefits that we can :
  1. Because the system uses the cloud, so all the files stored will not be lost on google servers. In contrast, if we use a flash drive, hard drive, CD and other file storage. Vulnerable missing, and damaged not?
  2. Free and does not need installation. Unlike other office applications such as Microsoft Office berlicense, and also does not meet the capacity of your hard drive.
  3. Access workmanship anywhere, using a computer / laptop anyone. Without installation.
  4. Support with a variety of operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Macintosh and others.
  5. No access data entirely on the owner of the account when logging in.
Hopefully the article How to Use Google Docs help.

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