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2 Basic Science to Play Google Adsense should Mastered

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Apr 2015

Adsense publisher is "internet marketing actors". Through Google's PPC named adsense, publishers can mine without limitation any money. Of all those who are successful with thousands of dollars per month, not least also those who failed to play google adsense.

Cause they can be successful because of their mastery of factors in play adsense as well as the fate of the other, while those who fail due to lack of mastery in playing adsense as well as the fate of the less fortunate. Read : 5 Important Tips For Success Becoming a Google AdSense Publisher
Google Adsense

2 important things that must be understood and mastered by adsense publishers are:

1. Sources income

Source of income is Google adsense. Understand fully about google adsense. It starts from an understanding of the adsense program policies as much as possible. The more understanding you tertang adsense program policies will become lighter load your mind. but if you ignore the lessons of this one, then it could result in your adsense account "banned". Read : 11 Causes Banned By Google AdSense

The second is another adsense lessons, which include advertising optimization. Lessons about adsense is very broad and there is no limit as long as you eventually become a publisher. please you deepen their own understanding of the AdSense Help Center AdSense pages that are updated by Google.

2. How to promotion (Traffic generation)

Without the support of adequate promotion then we will not get the money. Who will click on an ad on our blog if there are no visitors? This promotion is divided two ways, namely promotion in search engines (SEO) and social media in the promotion (social networking).

How to best adsense website promotion is SEO, which is promoted in the search engines so that your website can get targeted visitors. Visitors from the search engines or so-called unique visitors.

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