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2 How to know the number of backlinks Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 14 Apr 2015

How to know the number of backlinks Blog - Read What is backlink? and how to get backlinks on our blog? Backlink is a link that compiled script contains the address of a web / blog, which is mounted to a particular site. Why do we have to build a backlink? because backlink itself has benefits to increase page rank us in a search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. This time I will share with you how this know the number of backlinks on our blog. Read : Direct Backlink From edu and gov 13 april 2015

How To Know Number of backlinks with Google Webmaster

There are many methods used to determine how many total backlinks on our blog, this time we will know the number of backlinks on our blog with GWT (Google Webmaster Tool)
First make sure that your blog is registered to Google Webmaster Tools
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Next, please visit the Google Webmaster Tools page at this URL http://www.google.com/webmasters/
Click the Go button to Services Webmaster Tools
Please log in using your Google Account
Please click on the url of your blog
Select Search Traffic menu. After that, please select the sub menu Links to Your Site

How To Know Number of Backlink Blog with ahrefs.com

First make sure you have registered in ahrefs.com
If you have already registered then go to the link https://ahrefs.com/index.php
Then input the URL of your blog, and then click TRY IT FOR FREE

Well that is 2 How to know the number of backlinks to Our Blog, please choose which one, you can choose to use webmaster tools and use Ahrefs tool, but it's recommended to use GWT (google webmaster tool) because it is a tool from Google and the results are more accurate
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