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20 latest SEO techniques to blog 2015

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 4 Apr 2015

Labston - Learn the techniques of SEO for blogs is very important for every blogger. Because entirely blog visitors coming through search engines.

Latest Seo Techniques for blog 2015

Techniques Before Writing Articles

1. Choose a topic with mature
Choosing a topic is the most important thing before writing the article. Of the topics that should have been in accordance with what users are looking for as well as the topics to be unique, original and useful to users.

2. Check the Competition
Nothing wrong with a look what the other bloggers in applying SEO techniques for their blogs.

3. Follow the Latest Trends
Be sure to follow the latest trends of the various social media networks and write something that is trending topics.

4. Research keywords
Having decided to write something. Learn how to do keyword research. You will need a keyword for a variety of different things, such as the title, meta description, tags, and etc.

Techniques When Writing Articles

5. Unique Titles
The title is the most important part of a blog post, because it is one that makes posting clicked by readers in search results. Optimizing the title of the post is part of seo techniques for blogs.

6. Optimize Permalink
The next seo technique is to optimize the content permalink. Make sure permalink blog is always short. Using custom permalinks about 4-5 words and separating each word with a hyphen "-". The important thing is to enter a keyword in the permalink.

7. The keywords at the beginning of the paragraph
One of the SEO techniques for the most important blogs are started paragraphs with keywords. No matter how many keywords used in the content. But at least have to use all the keywords they will at least once in the beginning of the paragraph

8. Structure of Heading Tags SEO
Arrange the heading structure with appropriate post title and subtitle. In the default blogger template, h1 tags are used for the title of the blog, so do not ever use the h1 tag in the post. h2 tag for the title of the content. So, just use h3 and h4 tags when writing posts.

9. Typography
Typography refers to styling the content. It is almost as important as the content itself. Try to use the title of different colors, using italics and bold text to emphasize key words and make the alignment of the text to justify the content look more presentable.

10. Meta descriptions
The meta description is the second most important part in the application of SEO techniques to blog (after the title of the blog) because the meta description that will appear on the search results along with the title of the blog.

Techniques Link

11. Link intenal
Each blog post should have an internal link led to another content. Try to make at least two internal link at the beginning of the paragraph.

Visual Techniques

12. Use visual content
Installing pictures, video, animation and other visual content on the post can make the content more attractive.

13. SEO Techniques in the title picture and Alt tags
If you put a picture on the post, do not forget to give information on the image such as the image title and alt tags.

Techniques After Writing Articles

14. Posted at right time
At least do not post when it was ready to write. Choose the right time to make a post or to arrange a schedule of when the post will be in the publication. Find a time when the current blog crowded.

15. Frequency Posts
There is no limit on how many articles that you want to publish in a day. It all depends on you.

Settings other SEO techniques

16. Create a sitemap blog

17. The loading speed blogs

18. social bookmarking widget
Installing social bookmarking widget is essential to improve the credibility of blogs in the eyes of search engines.

19. Submit your blog to directories site
Send and register your blog site to directories like Dmoz directory where others can increase the number of backlinks and rank blogs.

20. Backlink
Backlinks are also important in carrying the implementation of seo techniques for blogs. The more backlinks that point to the post, may be the more visitors who arrive.

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