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3 Best Applications for SMS and Phone Blocking in Android

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Apr 2015

Labston - For those of you Android users, you are very lucky because there are quite a lot of applications that you can use. Of the many existing SMS Blocking applications, this follows three best free applications that you can do to block SMS on Android.
SMS Blocking applications

Maybe this is a call and sms blocker application of the most advanced available on Android today. Not only block SMS and calls from numbers that you enter the course, this application will also automatically block messages and phone numbers of hundreds of millions of spam that was collected in their database.
By using this application you can easily rid of telemarketing, spammers, or a prankster who constantly texting is not clear.

Features Caller ID & Block Calls, Text
  • Block sms, phone, and email sent from the number you want
  • Block sms, phone, and email automatically based 500+ million spammers numbers were detected in their database
  • Can be set to block sms / call from private number (hidden number)
  • There is an option to enter a password if you want to block sms / call
  • Database spam numbers continue to be updated

In appearance he was not as pretty as the application Caller ID and Call Block Text above, but he is no less sophisticated functions. Clean Inbox automatically can block SMS based on certain words or numbers you want.

SMS Blocking feature is based on the word / SMS content is PG favorite features in this app.

Features Complete Clean Inbox - SMS Blocker
  • Block spam and sms automatically
  • Block SMS based mobile phone number
  • Block sms sms by word or contents
  • View a list of blocked SMS and return it to Inbox, if desired
  • Can export the contents of an sms to txt format
  • Easily configured according to what you want
  • Integrated with the phonebook and sms inbox

In addition to free version, you can also upgrade to the pro version if you want to get additional new features such as auto reply sms, sms blocking of unknown number, free advertising, etc.

If the two previous application replaces the default Messaging app in Android, SMS and Call Block application is not. This application is just a place for you to set each option and enter any number you want to block.
You can enter a number to the blacklist easily directly via the Contact List or Call Log.

SMS and Call Block feature
  • Entering the blacklist can be directly from the Contact List or Call Log
  • Block sms or phone call from a number that we want
  • Automatic blocking SMS or phone call from a private / unknown number
  • Equipped blocked call history and SMS blocked history to look at my phone and sms anyone who has successfully blocked
  • Block sms or phone call from a number that amounts to less than x characters (x can you choose from the options settings)
  • Block text messages based on content or words

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