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3 Main Elements of SEO on your website / blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 15 Apr 2015

There are 3 main elements in #SEO website/blog, we need to know and do if you want to optimize your website/blog in search engines. These 3 elements, among others; Research Keywords, SEO Friendly website/blog (On Page Factor), and baclinks (Off Page Factor). By  knowing the important this element, it's easier to optimize the your website / blog in the search engines for the long term.
3 Main Elements of SEO

The 3 main elements in SEO:

1. Keyword website/blog

Keywords is a phrase or series of words that someone typed in the search field when they look for information on search engines, such as Google. Keyword search engine user types can be one syllable, two syllables, 3 syllables, or even could be in the form of short sentences, depending on each user. In 1 niche, there are some keywords that are often used by Google in the search engine user. Well, your website/blog needs to do research keywords to find the key word list.

Research keywords are the steps taken by the owner of the website/blog in the search for and determine which keywords are most relevant to the niche website/blog that will be built, both keywords to the main page or to page article. By doing keywords research we could know what keywords are searched by users Google, & how to know the level of competition on that keyword.

2. Building a SEO Friendly Web On Page Factor

Actually there are many things that are in the On Page Factor website/blog. But based on my experience, only a few are very influential in the power of On Page SEO, including:

A. Placement Keywords
  1. Title Tag / Title webpage
  2. meta Description
  3. Early paragraph article
  4. Semantic URLs
  5. Navigation System
  6. H1, H2, H3 tags
  7. internal links
  8. File picture (Alt)

B. Build Quality and Relevant Content
C. Increase Your website/blog User Interaction
User interaction on the website/blog / blog was influential in SEO. This interaction will create a bounce rate in a website/blog will be smaller
D. Adding Outbound Links
Provide links to other web pages that are relevant to your blog content can also affect SEO.
E. website/blog Load Speed
Google also had mentioned that the speed of loading a website/blog is one very important factor in SEO.

3. Build Backlinks Off Page Factor

Simply backlinks it is a link from a web page to other website/blogs, in other words a website/blog providing recommendations to their users to visit other website/blogs.

Based on my experience, there are several types of highly effective backlinks for SEO campaign website/blog, which are:

A. Links from social media
B. Links from social bookmarking
C. Links from Forum Signature
D. Links from Web 2.0 properties

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