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4 Interesting facts about girl gamers

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 13 Apr 2015

Gaming News - Because the development of information and technology, Internet, social norms change, especially about the role of men and women, the percentage of women playing games and playing games as a habit has increased rapidly. A recent study by Nielsen Entertainment shows the results of 64% of all gamers are female. Read  Best Brand Of RAM for Gaming

1. Women who play games are usually more friendly

 girl gamers
The leader of the research also revealed that the majority of women who have a habit of playing games tend to be friendly and have better communication skills. They watch TV, exercise more often than those who do not play game. In addition, as a gamer women have more opportunities to gain access to the internet and technology, they to be more generous and open-minded. Hence, they are more active in social activities and networking.

2. Women spend more on games than men

 girl gamers
Contrary to the normal thinking, the results showed, that women often spend more time and money on the game than men, & they can play better, too. Of course, not every game. Types of games that attract women is a game that can be played online in rotation, games based on luck and casino games. They top up money to play the game 32% more than men. That is the reason why women play games usually richer than those who do not.

3. Women who play games tend to better s3x life!

 girl gamers
Most women who play games are likely good at s3x! According to a recent study at GameHouse Site, there is an interesting relationship between games and s3x with women. Almost all women gamers asked said that they are in a relationship (64%), 22% of them are single and the remaining 14% divorced or widowed. Notably, 57% of women who are addicted to the game told me that: they have a happy marriage and satisfied with their s3x lives.

4. 7 out of 10 are satisfied with their relationship

 girl gamers
When asked about satisfaction with the relationship with the assessment scale of 1-10 (with 10 completely satisfied and 1 is not at all satisfied, 71% of gamers women assess their relationship at 6 or above.

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