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40 Tips to understand SEO better

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 27 Apr 2015

One popular method is SEO. But apparently an attempt to win the battle in search results is now more difficult, especially for those just starting out in the world of SEO is full of mystery. Various rules, guidelines, and boundaries created by the masters of Google to filter search results to provide the best for the user and to erode various fraudulent practices. To escort, Google released a variety of algorithms to the specifications of each. Getting to here, more and more algorithms are tightened. Updates no longer counted in number. Read : White Hat SEO TechniquesSubject of the growing complexity of SEO is not on rules or policies that are born Google, but rather a lack of understanding on the essence of SEO and how Google assesses a website and its content. Instead, many prefer to get into the trap of black hat SEO that is lucrative, fast results are visible, but soon fell to the site in the pages of the end of the search results. Instead of giving a good understanding of SEO, black hat SEO will actually distanced from ethical SEO efforts, accurately, and efficiently.Read : Black Hat SEO Techniques
40 Tips to understand SEO

Here are a few points short tips to understand and perform better SEO efforts:

  1. If you have a website with minimal content, focus on several target keywords only. Read : Keyword Most Expensive
  2. Do not create / add pages without good reason, you should have a comprehensive content strategy.
  3. Basic aspects of SEO is targeting keywords (keywords) and the distribution of demand keywords.
  4. Do not be surprised if proper SEO efforts for Google also will have an effect both on Bing and Yahoo.
  5. Google constantly looking for content creators who are able to write content really valuable and useful. This process never stops.
  6. How Google is targeting content via a topic / niche and keywords in your website.
  7. Focus on keywords (long tail keywords) rather than shorter keyword (one or two words).
  8. In the future, great content marketers are those who are focused on quality than quantity.
  9. To maintain relevance, make a unique and creative content. Exactly the same content with other websites that will tarnish relevance.
  10. Others legitimately sharing content, origin in accordance with its provisions. But taking over the content and admit it would be very dangerous for SEO.
  11. If you can not explain the content you write well, then you do not understand it.
  12. The level of clarity in the content you write as well as the level of clarity when you speak.
  13. Create content as natural as possible.
  14. Read your content out loud, you will definitely see some points that should be revised.
  15. Creating quality content, useful, and memorable should be a high priority, above all other SEO efforts.
  16. Provide a transcript, summary, or description under the video content, to allow those who have limited time or internet connection.
  17. Bad user experience in accessing the website, you can damage the site's ranking in search results.
  18. The website should be able to provide a page for other devices / mobile.
  19. If you provide a different version for mobile devices, make sure Google knows that it is another version of your website.
  20. Googlebot treated like human beings. Google now has access to almost all elements of the website.
  21. Myth: Pagerank is a measure the popularity of a website
  22. Use a 301 redirect if there is a page that is removed, one permalink, or other pages permanently replaced. Redirect wrong can ruin SEO.
  23. Google and other search engines emphasize the use of keywords is important in H1 tag.
  24. Make sure the page title (title tag) containing important keywords, but no more than 2 keywords. Do not flood with the keyword. ,
  25. Every picture that is in the page should be optimized so that readers and Google could read well.
  26. The faster the website is loaded (load speed, speed page) by a visitor's browser, the greater the chances of getting a high ranking.
  27. Link of 4, 5, or 6 sites with high domain authority can create a site / pages to rank higher in search results than links from thousands of spam and junk sites.
  28. From now on we must focus on getting linkback (link earnings) than the backlink building (link building).
  29. Links are obtained by the most natural (earnings link) is a backlink with the highest quality. Get Backlink Quality
  30. Do many things to increase the popularity and authority of the brand can invite a lot of quality backlinks.
  31. The biggest myth in SEO is: if you buy advertising, you will win in the natural search results (organic).
  32. Backlink spam in sites with high domain authority Google diendus easier than backlink on low-quality sites.
  33. Everything you do for SEO, not only affects the page ranking in the search, but on many other things (brand, trust, judgment, authority). A good way would be good, and vice versa.
  34. Website users are happy users loyal.
  35. The process undertaken to improve Google search results is to continue to seek the most qualified content.
  36. Spam on your site (keyword, link, and other fraudulent means) will affect the rank.
  37. Continue to monitor Google Webmaster Tools, be sure to subscribe notifications via email, to know the current conditions of your site. Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster
  38. One important key. Google wants to always give the best results on the visitors, so that they would come back, come back, and continue to use it.
  39. One new thing, which is rarely understood, one measure of the popularity of the site according to Google depends on how often one visit. Alexa? Not. Google measure through the CTR (Click Through Rate, the percentage quotient of the number of clicks and the number of impressions) in the search results.
  40. Enjoy the process, step by step. Instant ways proven to provide instantaneous effects.
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