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5 Important Facts Apple Watch You Need to Know

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 28 Apr 2015

Technology Infomation - Apple Watch already strolled on the market since 24 April 2015. Many things unfold post smart watches are brand-new Apple in the hands of users.
Ranging from business applications, specification, to the various accessories that accompany it. However, for more details, here are 5 facts related to Apple Watch you need to know (before and after have it).
Apple Watch

1. Charger Apple can Watch for other devices

Yes, Apple's sales package Watch is already equipped with an innovative charger called MagSafe. Device rechargeable advanced battery power is quite unique because it works like a magnet. Quite on the outboard surface of the body in the back of Apple Watch, then the charging process immediately runs.
Interestingly, according to test results the team from Apple Insider, MagSafe charger turns out not only compatible with Apple Watch, but also on all devices that use batteries Qi (mini lithium batteries commonly used in the ranks smartwatch).
As a result, MagSafe can be used to charge smartwatch Motorola Moto 360.

2. Apple Watch more waterproof
Apple officially said that Apple Watch has bagged IPX7 certification. Which means that the device is waterproof and can hold up to a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.
However, in fact, based on the results of tests conducted FoneFox team, Apple Watch durability against water --and in air-- more than that. Watch Apple did not have problems when `diajak` a dip in the pool. Even so, the touch screen function slightly delayed while trying to operate in the water.

3. There detecting oxygen levels in the blood
Apple is focused embed various fitness features in Apple Watch. Besides having a heart rate sensor, turns in Apple Watch also available detector oxygen levels in its blood.
It was first revealed by iFixit to deliberately dismantle offal Apple Watch. They found that the heart rate sensor that is Apple Watch can also serve as a tool monitor oxygen levels in the blood. Unfortunately, there is no software included for processing such data.

4. Damage to the band is not guaranteed
According to 9to5mac report, damage to the band (watchstrap) Apple Watch is not guaranteed by Apple. In other words, Apple will not do the replacement in case of damage (discoloration, scratches, etc.) on the band.
Reportedly, Apple Watch the color of the band will fade if exposed to too much sweat or attached to the surface of the skin using a lotion. However, it is also always the case in any of the watch band.

5. Box Different packaging
Do not be surprised if Apple Watch packing box that you receive is different to that of others. The reason, Apple does provide a number of models of the packaging box according to the model of Apple Watch your message.
For Apple Watch Sport for example, Apple uses an elongated box packaging. As for Apple Watch the original version, the packaging box packaging box shaped like most watches. As for the premium version of Apple's Watch Edition, box-shaped packaging box and look much more luxurious.

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