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Best Brands of RAM PC version gamerindo

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 8 Apr 2015

Corsair Dominator Platinum Series
Is the most reliable memory, with speeds up to 2800 MHz and also the only memory that uses Heat Spreader Platinum makes this memory as the fastest DDR3 memory with interface in its class today.

G.Skill Trident X Series

Memory of G Skill is not in doubt again performance, although the price is quite expensive, but you will get the best performance. Memory is capable of reaching speeds up to 3000 MHz frequency, which is the fastest DDR3 memory interface at this time.

Ellite Team Xtreem Series
Memory of Team Ellite has hinga speed 2800 MHz, equivalent to the speed Dominator Platinum, but not in the Arm Heat Spreader Platinum.

Kingston Hyper X Beast
Kingston? Many doubted this memory vendors. Make no mistake, for memory kingston regular series does not include memory reliable, but for Hyper X series has a very reliable performance.

Patriot Viper 3
Viper 3 is the fastest memory of a series of memory Patriot else today. Equipped with speeds up to 2400 MHz, making this memory in the list of the five best memory.

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