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Black Hat SEO, Forbidden Techniques In SEO

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 2 Apr 2015

Black Hat SEO, Forbidden Techniques In SEO - Black hat SEO is the use of techniques that are considered unethical or deceptive to get to the top ranks. This technique seeks to try to trick the search engines. Can be used by way of the use of hidden text, keyword stuffing, cloaking, fake pages, and others. Their goal is the same as White Hat SEO, which is to get the first rank in the search engines, but only for a short time. These sites are caught using Black Hat SEO tricks usually will soon be in law by the search engines rank pages scaled back or even blocked enumerated by the search engines.
Black Hat SEO

Therefore, the Black Hat SEO is not a good technique to be practiced. If you run a business in a blog, I suggest not using this technique, because it will cause your site's ranking in search engines plummeted!

How to Practice Black Hat SEO?

Indeed many ways Black Hat SEO practices, including;
  1. Buy backlinks by giving money. One of which hit the sap is overstock.com sites that penalized by Google.
  2. Make other sites just to provide backlinks to other sites. This means that you make a lot of sites just to provide backlinks to your main site. This is usually known by the name pyramid link.
  3. Placing a hidden text in your site. Furthermore, this text is filled with keywords (keywords) or using the same text color with background color of your blog.
  4. Creating "doorway pages" or doorway pages. That is a page whose function is to attract the attention of search engines that will direct the reader to a different website.
  5. Coppying Content or copy the entire content of other blogs so as if the blog has managed numerous and abundant content.
  6. Make a lot of IP addresses just to make your site look as though popular which can increase your website backlinks.

So, keep using the techniques honest and liked by search engines.

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