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Control Your Android Device with AirDroid

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 24 Apr 2015

Use Android in Computer with AirDroid - Perhaps many are wondering what exactly is meant by management android phone via computer. On this occasion, I want to share one cool android applications. Name of the application is AirDroid. Curious what's the point right?
AirDroid is one application that can control / android device remotely through a browser on another device such as a computer with a fast and attractive appearance. You can control a variety of commands in android through a browser.

By utilizing AirDroid, you do not need a cable for device control android even though the distance is not near. In addition you can also use a web browser to texting and using a computer keyboard for typing. This will reduce typing errors: D. You can find your android phone if lost, other than that you can erase all data on the android through this application. Similar to the one of the features offered by the antivirus avast on android. The following major features are supported by the application of cool AirDroid

Main Features AirDroid

  1. Sms desktop that allows you to send and receive sms on your computer. You can type quickly using a keyboard and a large screen.
  2. You can move a wide range of documents without having to connect to a cable android
  3. You can find and lock your android device if it is lost. You can also erase all data if the gadget androidmu could not be found
  4. You can search for applications in the android device easily and to install and get android apk file.
  5. You can use your android camera through a browser with an almost realtime streaming. Depending on the Internet connection being used.

This application is very interesting, especially you are confused between using the android device or computer. With this application you can use your phone through the computer, it will make your work more effectively in the office.
So you do not need to frequently look at the phone to check if there are any incoming sms, because you can see all of it in your computer browser .. Interesting is not it? You can download this free android app in the play store, we already provide download link for you.

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