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Difference Between Employees Google And Google Partner

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 10 Apr 2015

"Employees Google" and "Google Partners" have in common, they both stakeholders or people associated with the co-operation with the company either financially, bureaucracy and other things. In essence, they are both related to google.
"Employees Google" and "Google Partners" and Google itself, all three are equally benefit from the cooperation they do. Google employees have benefited from Google wages and salaries and get the facility of the company, received some assurances from the company (social security, Astek, health insurance, etc.), and so on. While Google benefit of employees in the form of seamless business, both in terms of operational and the administration will ultimately be profitable for Google.

What about Google's partners?

Google partners are people who work with google both in terms of financial, operational, and other things. Youtube Partners and including the Google AdSense Publisher, they are not Google employees. But Google's partners also benefit from Google, and vice versa, Google also benefit from Google Partner.

So  "The Google Partners" vs. "The Google employee", where good?

Depending on the circumstances of each individual. For Google employees who have found a match for working at Google, an employee of Google is very good and I also want. Google provide decent facilities to employees of international eligibility standards. In addition, Google provides a decent salary in accordance great each employee as well as the corresponding provisions in the respective country. Employees only fit his job duties of each, the monthly salary is definitely coming.

While for Google Partner premium class that have found success, they feel good to be a partner google. Google Partners can earn without being limited according to the size of the business that they intertwine together google.

But for economy class google partners, for example, have not been successful adsense publisher like me, be filled with google partner struggles and challenges. If there is the slightest mistake could risk adsense account banned even though the struggle has been initiated over the years and have yet to produce results as expected. Every day can only pray and strive to be finding success as other friends were successful.

"Employees google risk of being fired" and "risk adsense publisher is banned".

what of your choice?
If I am, I choose to be an adsense publisher wrote because at this time I got the ration as a publisher, so I have to enjoy what is allotted by him to me. But if I get a ration as a Google employee, certainly yes preferably be okay google employees because of its facilities and current salary every month without thinking about SEO and Adsense optimization dizzying. Moreover, if the whole day writing articles but in fact it may just $ 0.50 only

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