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Get ready to face the new algorithm "Google Mobilegeddon"

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 9 Apr 2015

The use of mobile devices, the percentage exceeded desktop computer users. Therefore, to appreciate Google will launch their new algorithms, namely MobileGeddon.
Google will launch this MobileGeddon algorithm on April 21, 2015. So are you ready to face a new algorithm of Google's?. If not immediately switch to the theme responsive
Google Mobilegeddon

MobileGeddon algorithm is an algorithm labeled "mobile friendly" on each - each site that appears on the search page with the purpose of providing information to the user that the site can be accessed properly on mobile devices. Will be optimized for search sites mobile friendly. No matter whether the user is doing a search on the computer or tablet, the optimal sites for mobile phones will be prioritized.

Google did not specify in detail what is considered the site as they are friendly to mobile phones, but the search engine that provides a special page to test whether the site is suitable for mobile users.

Here is a statement from Google:
Starting April 21, we will expand the use of mobile user as a ranking signal. These changes will affect mobile search in all languages around the world and will have a significant influence on the results of our search.
This MobileGeddon algorithm greatly affect the ranking of your website or blog. As already I mentioned above that the site that is friendly to mobile devices will be prioritized. If you do not want to lose your visitor from a mobile device, then immediately switch to the theme responsive as well as to follow the development of a website that is Responsive Web Design.

To check your template already responsive or not can be checked in 

So immediately switch to the theme responsive to not lose visitors from mobile devices:

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