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Grey Hat SEO Techniques - should be used?

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 5 Apr 2015

Grey Hat SEO techniques. I 've previously discussed about black hat SEO and white hat SEO, Now I will discuss the gray hat seo The point is located at the middle position between white hat and black hat SEO. Using this method may be able to increase traffic quickly, but it also poses risks to our web presence in the search engines. For those who really want to be safe position in the competition, it is better not to use this method.
Grey Hat SEO

Techniques such as what are included in the category Grey Hat SEO ..?

There are times when cloaking regarded as a legitimate tactic by users and search engines. Basically, if there is a logical reason why you should be allowed to present different information to search engines rather than visitors (if you have content behind a "members only" area for example) you are relatively safe. However, this tactic is very risky and it is recommended that you specifically contact the respective search engine, reveals the reason you use them, and let them see and then allow it.

Debated, another example of a legitimate site using cloaking, is when the site is mainly based images such as art site. In this case, permitted provided that the text is used to represent accurate in defining the pages and images related pages, it can be considered legitimate use cloaking. As cloaking has been often misused, if other methods such as visible as possible to add text to pages recommended. If there is no other alternative is recommended that you contact the search engine before adding this tactic and explain your argument.

Paid Links
The practice of buying links on the website only to increase the link popularity, and this could increase traffic constantly and rapidly.
When a link is purchased as a pure advertising practices considered valid, while the practice of buying links with the only aim to increase link popularity, considered as abuse and such efforts can be categorized as a gray hat.

Duplicate Content
Mainly due to the increase in popularity of affiliate programs, duplicate content on the web has become an increasingly significant problem both for search engines and search engine users alike with the same or similar sites Dominating the top positions in search engine result pages.

To overcome this problem many search engines have added filters that look for a page with the same or very similar and eliminate duplicate content. Even when duplicate content is not detected by search engines is often reported by competitors and site rankings penalized.

If you find your competitors are using this technique, you do not need to worry, because even though they will be ranked on the search engines, but after some time the search engines do the update, they will be placed in the courtyard under the SERP and considered content that does not matter anymore .

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