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How to Check DA, PA and PR In Bulk

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 9 Apr 2015

How to Check DA, PA and PR In Bulk - for you who don't understand what the DA and PA, please read What is Domain Authority and Page Authority, and see also how to improve the Domain Authority and Page Authority.
Actually there are many ways to check the Domain Authority and Page Authority online at the website which provides the facility checks DA PA, and below the list is


However, the website that I mentioned above often limit the amount of the check and use captcha, I was not too happy with it.
I recommend the following ways:
Ways to Check a DA (Domain Authority) PA (Page Authority) and PR (PageRank) of a blog or website en masse and without having to register first, and you can also save the results via excel or txt
 Check DA, PA and PR

Enter any link you want is checked as shown below
Then click Fetch
How to Check DA, PA and PR Bulk very easy. please save the result

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