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How to do keyword research most telling 2015

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Apr 2015

Keyword Research is one part of SEO or search engine optimization and need Keyword Research Tool. To do Keyword research is the most important step in SEO strategy.

Keyword Research Tips, For those of you who want to get visitors from search engines then there is no reason not to do keyword research. You can still get visitors from search engines without keyword research , but will not be maximized. Read : 99 Keyword Most Expensive

How To do Keyword Research?

This time I want to share a little bit about how to accurate keyword research tips with keyword research tool 2015. that hopefully can help you find the right keywords for your blog.

The way that I will use this time is to use two tools called Ubersuggest and also Google Adwords: Keyword Planner.

He could have just used Google AdWords: Keyword Planner, but the "keyword" produced less variable. Therefore we need the help of Ubersuggest.
The function of Ubersuggest here is to find a keyword variation of our main keyword targets. The goal is of course to find long tail keywords.

Besides Ubbersuggest there are still some other similar tools that are not less good, such as:

But for this tutorial I will only use Ubbersuggest

While the task of Google Adwords: Keyword Planner itself already sure to analyze the number of searches, AdWords advertiser competition (suitable for the play Google AdSense), etc.

What is the process? please observe the following:
Looking for keyword variations

The first thing we need to do is find keyword variations of the main keyword. Main keyword itself is usually a short tail keywords related to the topic you discussed.

For example, if your blog discusses about  technology, the main keywords can be like:

  • The Computer
  • software
  • The Internet
  • gadgets
  • etc.

To find keyword variations of the main keyword, please follow the steps:

1. Go to http://ubersuggest.org

2. This will bring up the web with advertising everywhere. Do not focus on the ad but the focus to the center.
keyword research 

  • Put the main keyword or short tail keywords. In this case for example "Android"
  • Select language. In example, "Indonesian"
  • click Suggest

3. This will bring up a list of related keywords or keyword variations of "Android"
keyword research
4. Click "Select All Keywords"
keyword research
5. Click on the "Get"
keyword research
6. Copy all the keywords and save it using a .txt file
keyword research

Analyzing Total Search Keyword

The next is to analyze the sheer number of search in the search engine keywords that we get from Ubersuggest.
The easy thing we can do is to use the Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

1. Go to the Google Adwords: Keyword Planner
keyword research

  • Click "Get traffic estimates for a list of keywords"
  • Upload file keywords that you have previously saved
  • Click Get estimates

2. Click the "Download"
keyword research
Tip: before downloading you can change the "Match types" to "Exact Match" purpose in order to show more accurate data.

3. Select the .csv file format and click Download
keyword research
4. Open the downloaded CSV file then please could selectivity which is the best keywords based on the amount of searches that you want.

Note that the data that is displayed on the Google Keywords Planner is not 100% accurate. If there is written the number of searches per month in 1500, it is not a guarantee of your blog will get 1500 visitors per month if it is in the first position of Google SERP. Could be a lot and could also be less.

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