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How to fix Crawl Error page not found 404 In Blog

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Apr 2015

To fix error 404 is actually very easy, which is important your blog is integrated with google webmaster tools, if you already integrate your blog with google webmaster tools, please log into your google webmaster tool. Read : How To Register Google Webmaster tool and How to submit a lot sitemap to Google webmaster tools. If you have more than one blog that is already integrated, please select and click on one of the blogs that you are looking to get in, then do the following:

error page 404

Steps To Fix Error 404 Page Not Found

1. Log in to the Dashboard page of Google Webmaster Tools. On the google webmaster tools menu to the left, please select Crawl menu, then select submenu Crawl errors, by clicking on the menu, it will be displayed on the right list of errors found by google bot, which should immediately fix, please select Tab Not Found , to display 404 error not found.

2. Please click one by one on the error line, then in the dialog box that appears you copy and paste the link Error advance in Notepad. please do the same for the other 404 error.

3. Once all the links you copy and paste the complete error on the notepad, we return to the google webmaster tools, then, check all these errors, after all selected, press the Mark As Fixed and wait until everything is deleted, this step is to tell google that error-the error has been corrected.

4. If you've done up to stage 4 above, the next step is we do abolition index-url url leading to the error. previously we copy in notepad. We return to the google webmaster tools, please select the Google Index menu and select the submenu Remove URLs to remove url-url we found.

5. On the right side, press the "Create a New Removal request", text boxes, please enter the Links URLs that have been copied in the notepad, one by one, then submit.

If you've done the above steps 5 to mean until you have completed this stage fix error 404 page not found it. deletion usually takes a few days depending on the frequency of google bots crawl your blog.

Elimination of errors sometimes have many times, if the url error we've ever submit to deleted reappear please do return steps 1 through 5 above, until completely error is gone. To check the success of the deletion, you can check with the webmaster, if the information on the site error-level values of 0 means that the deletion was successful, if not please you wait a few days.

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