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How To Get Google Sitelinks With Easy

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 7 Apr 2015

To get sitelinks is not difficult or take a long time, if seen from my own domain age is only 1 month, then how do I get Google sitelinks? The answer is you have to clean blog, Clean mean here is can be believed by google, how to google believe, do follow the rules to improve the quality of our blog: free backlink
Google sitelink

How To Get Google Sitelinks

1. Use the domain TLD (Top Level Domain), the seriousness of a site is using a domain TLD then google will consider a site could be considered important and of course must be followed by the quality of the article, then what about me that using a sub domain, not the means I assume subdomain is not important, because a blog can be advanced is dependent who manage and to the use subdomains of course could just might take extra effort, so that google can trust us relevant sites as examples of the points about improving the quality of the site.

2. Submit the sitemap in webmaster, sitemap is basically a whole reindexs spider bots that article by using the sitemap, to submit a sitemap is also able to facilitate reindexs we currently publish the article,r

3. Diligent post articles, with diligent in updating the article means your site is live sites, in addition to trust google, is certainly more arikel quality it will be many visitors who come. diligently update definite article we will get the most benefit.

Well bloggers, I think it was just the points for a quick way to get sitelinks google, certainly no longer will appear alone the sitellink. okay good luck :)

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