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How to Increase Adsense CPC values Low Being High

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 7 Apr 2015

Low Adsense CPC will certainly make us be disappointed, especially if the result of a lot but total clicks you get a little due to low clickthrough rate. Many factors cause low cpc values, which are:
  • Irrelevant ads
  • Click rates be set low
  • General keywords (not targeted advertising)
  • And others

Actually the above factors can not be said with certainty the cause of low cpc value, but after I trace adsense report, I see that the average ad clicks a low value is derived from the Indonesian ad. In addition, the keyword articles could also be the cause of the CPC to be low when the keyword is not relevant to advertisements willing to pay dearly for every click. Generally ad clicks high value derived from the advertise that target keywords with the theme:
  • health
  • electronic
  • automotive
  • A Business
  • games

Adsense CPC values

Personal Experience
Of the two types of blogs that I manage (Indonesian and English), there are differences in values ​​Adsense CPC is so significant. Indonesian to blog I manage yield average click 300-500 clicks / day with the resulting value ranges from $ 150-250 $. As for the English language blog yield an average 30-70 clicks clicks / day with results ranging from $ 90-210.

It can be seen that the CPC values of the blog Indonesian adsense on average worth $ 0.5-0.50 only, while the English language blogs reach $ 3-10. The above value is the value that I experienced with the report that I have accumulated over 3 years.

In My Opinion
I have some suggestions for How to Increase Adsense CPC Low Value Being High, this suggestion would I do as an experiment. If I describe this solution works, it can be ascertained values Adsense CPC Indonesian blog can also compete with the English language blog. The way is:

1. Creating a targeted keyword
Make a keyword or article title is often used advertise. Generally keywords used advertise not far from the theme of health, beauty, business, gaming, automotive, cars, and gadgets.

2. Title touching products and goods
Generally the Adsense Advertise derived from selling website / online store. Therefore, make the title of the article with the keywords of products and goods are often sold as clothes, watches, mobile phones and others.

3. Keyword Game
Generally keywords game very quickly once touching adsense ads, this has been my own experience when I made the title of the article about the game. Examples such as Free Online Games Jet Ski Rush or Play PSP In Android

4. The English Blog
Yes I Do! This has been my own experience. As described above, click CPC price is high and certainly makes us happy. Although the number of clicks a little, but the number / total results that you can get the same even beat Indonesian blog that gets a lot of clicks compared with the English language.

^^ That is information about How to Increase Adsense CPC values "Low" Being High, hopefully what I have to give a benefit to us all. ^ - ^

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