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How to install android apps on blackberry z10, z3 and Z30

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Apr 2015

Android Apps On Blackberry - How do I install android apps on blackberry? The trick is not difficult, the following article about how to optimize the use of your BlackBerry smartphone.

Blackberry has not as popular as before, but in fact the origin of Canada's HP continues to catch up. Perhaps many do not know, at this time blackberry has not lost with HP android, even my personal opinion, I would be more favor than android blackberry. What I mean here is blackberry OS 10.2.1 & above.
android app on blackberry

List Blackberry OS 10 which supports Android Apps
Products that use the Blackberry OS 10 at this time the price was very affordable. Even cheaper than HP that uses the Android OS. With high quality products and RAM higher than the average HP android. It's worth a shot again 10 BB.  Read : Camera Android Become Scanner

Here is a list of Blackberry with OS 10:
- Z3
- Z10
- Z30
- Q5
- Q10
- Passport BB
- BB Porsche 9882 and 9883

With the OS kernel is modified from Android Jelly bean. Blackberry presents a superior performance and stable than HP android in general.
android app on blackberry

How to Install Android Apps On Blackberry

The steps are as follows:
  1. Check your version of the Blackberry OS 10. If still under 10.2.1 then upgradelag be 10.2.1 or more.
  2. How to upgrade online is to connect your BB with a stable wifi, make sure the full batery, then select Software Update in the settings menu.
  3. For Offline Upgrade way is to download the OS files to your Blackberry type blackberry website. Then connect your Blackberry to your laptop. This method is safer and easier.
  4. Once you have a Blackberry 10 OS is the latest, browse to mobogenie.com using your Blackberry.
  5. Then Install Applications Mobogenie
  6. Once installed, open the android app Mobogenie and choose your favorite
  7. Installation android apps on Blackberry 10 is rather different from that in google Playstore . In mobogenie you must click Install after completion of the download.

- Some Android apps will not run on the Blackberry Q10, and Q5 because of the screen resolution that is not supported. However, this application can run well on Blackberry Z10, Z3, Z30.
- To optimize the use of android apps on Blackberry 10 should use the full touchscreen BlackBerry 10, because the screen is wider.

Free Android apps that have been tried are:
- Subway Survers
- Camera 360
- Clash of clans
- Clash of the three Kingdoms

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