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How to know the gender of the computer/laptop

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 29 Apr 2015

Technology Information - In this post, I want to share a tutorial that could be considered a little weird. Why? because I want to give a tutorial "How to know gender your computer or laptop."
Surely you are a bit confused right, why PCs have gender? I myself also had to wonder, how could inanimate objects have gender. Read : 5 Most Unique Portable Equipment in the World

gender of the computer
Here is the tutorial:
Open Notepad on your computer.
     Then enter the following code
CreateObject ("SAPI.SpVoice"). Speak "I Love You"
* Note: the words "I Love You" can be changed according to your wishes.
After that, save it with a .vbs format
If so, open the file
Listen to the sound that appears, male or female. If that appears is the voice of women, then your computer is female.
Thus this article of mine. May be useful for my friend all. Thank You
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