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How to know the level of SEO blogs in chkme

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 12 Apr 2015

Search Engine Optimize (SEO) is a technique and effort that webmasters / bloggers do to improve the ranking of your blog / website with the goal to create a blog / website that is positioned on top of the search engines. Whether it google, yahoo, bing or other search engines.

How to know the level of Seo Blog

Actually there are many websites and online software that provides the means to see the quality and measure the level of seo blog but on this occasion I share way is to use the facilities provided by chkme.com. why I recommend these sites as a measure of the level of seo blog? because this site is the one that is often used as a reference by the webmaster world and domestically. note how carefully the following:

1. Open the website address "http://chkme.com"

2. on the home page, type "address of your blog homepage" without code http: //

3. Click the "check" and wait a few moments later to come out from analysis from chkme.com

4. Then came some analysis blog

5. and under itself from the analysis, it would appear your SEO score. This is an example of my blog
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6. Please check out some of the mistakes that are considered necessary or repaired at your website. Click the "show / hide" provided in each item that appears

7. You can also put the SEO score in the blog, by the way just copy and paste the html code under the SEO score and put it in your blog.

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