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How to make a cool logo online free

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 21 Apr 2015

How to create a logo for free online | this time I will share how to create a logo for free online, but some are paid. Disadvantages of this makes online logo, you must connect to the Internet but that you are not so free to edit as in photoshop. Because you can only make the logo according to the pattern that has been provided by the provider of the online logo maker. The advantage is, how to create an online logo is relatively faster and more practical,
logo online free
you do not need to be adept at Photoshop or Corel Draw to create a logo, just a few clicks, dozens or even hundreds of logos directly ready to be selected. If you already understand what the logo, now you can start creating your logo online. Both the logo associations, companies, brands, blogs and others. Read : Make a Widget Latest Articles With Picture and Scroll

Collection sites free online logo maker

Below is a collection of some web space to create a logo online. you can try one by one. Who knew there were matched with the logo that you desire.
  1. Logaster – https://www.logaster.com/
  2. FlamingText – http://flamingtext.com
  3. LogoSnap – http://logosnap.com
  4. Pookatoo – http://pookatoo.com
  5. Simwebsol – http://www.simwebsol.com/
  6. SupaLogo – http://supalogo.com

Aside from the above sites are still many more sites where providers make free online, which of course with the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hope it is useful. Read : How to Use Custom Fonts In Blog

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