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How to Remove Blog Postings Most True

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 11 Apr 2015

How to Remove Blog Postings Most True - If you remove one of the posts on the blog page / website you just by the way just delete it, then you delete posts that will remain stored in the search engine index for several weeks and even months. So users will find a blank page in their search results.
The posts were deleted pages will disappear from the SERP after the search engines do the update routine to clean url dead or does not work. Read : Make the article to Page One in SERP
Remove url
If your website acts as an adsense publisher, this can be at risk of violating program policies. Because you display ads on blank pages. Is not that true? If this happens then it is possible the site will be banned or didisabled. Read : Definition of 4 Penalty Google

Well, to avoid blank pages are stored in the search engine index for a long time, then you should do a removal request url to search engines, in this case google search.

The purpose is; that the posting page you just remove it immediately disappeared from SERP and not found by the user again.
The trick;

The First Step

- First save the first URL that you want to delete posts in notepad.
- Then delete the URL via the dashboard
- Make sure the URL is already deleted.

Next Step

1. Log into Webmaster Tools and go directly to the website in question.

2. Find the "Google index" in the left side bar, then select "Remove URL", then click "Create a new removal request".
Remove url

Well, enter the URL that you stored in the notepad, and then click "Continue".

Layout option "Remove URL" in webmaster tools can be migrated at any time, because it depends google update interface pages in webmaster tools.

3. Finish. In less than 24 hours of your post pages will be missing from the SERP google and could not be found again by the user / reader / visitor / blog visitors.

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