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How to Speed Up Loading Blog up to 90%

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 4 Apr 2015

Speeding Loading blog is hard work for novice bloggers because they often add a lot of widgets is not important on their blog. Blog loading speed is crucial visitors who arrive. Blogs that have a very slow loading would make your blog visitors reluctant to come again. There are 2 problems why a blog or website has a loading very slowly. Firstly because the internet connection is not fast, both because blogs have a very large size so that the loading is very slow. In this post I will discuss some of the ways that can be used to speed up the loading of up to 90% blog. If confused how to speed up the loading blog, Please comment .
Speed Up Loading Blog

Techniques speed up loading the blog

  1. All the images in the template should blog from Blogger
  2. Save all the images in GIF or PNG format
  3. Reduce the size of the image if too large, use applications compress image with JPEGTran.
  4. How to Speed up loading the blog with make dimensional image
  5. Do not use images as background blog
  6. Quick post with read more
  7. Compress the script template, you can read How To Compress CSS, HTML and JS Blogger Templates
  8. use fast loading template, you can try johny template
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