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How to submit a lot sitemap to Google webmaster tools

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 8 Apr 2015

How to submit a sitemap - Have you ever heard about submit a sitemap to the search engines? Maybe those of you who are new, newbie like me is still confused with what is called the submit sitemap blog.

What is a sitemap?

Sitemap is a Sitemap helps Google crawler to index the articles you post (Feed Website). Once you have installed and sitemap in Google Webmaster submit, then google will help you create an article in the index and read in the search.

Why should do submit a sitemap?

For those of you who have a new blog, of course you'll want for your blog quickly indexed by Google and other search engines right? Well one powerful way to our blog quickly indexed by search engines, especially Google is to provide or submit a sitemap (sitemap) blog to google webmaster so that all of our blog pages indexed by google. It is also included in the On Page SEO blogs that we do so that we can survive in the SERP although infrequent updates.

How do I submit a sitemap of our blog?

The way is easy, just follow the steps on how to submit a sitemap following blog:

If you have already registered your blog it will appear the name of your blog, if not then you have to register first blog so I can in the index.
klik here google webmaster tool > klik Add a Site

On the site Dashboard select a site map and then click Add / test sitemap.
For engine users blogger or blogspot, to register a sitemap can use 4 different ways, namely:
Generally, that is used to submit a sitemap is Sitemap.xml and feeds / posts / default.
Note, if you are diverting your blog feed to Feedburner then an error will occur when we submit a sitemap to the default feed from blogger.
The solution, add the code? Redirect = false so it will be 
http://www.labston.blogspot.com/atom.xml?redirect=false  (see picture)

If the article that you have less than 500

Enter the code below one by one if the article you have more than 500 and less than 1000:

Enter the code below one by one if the article you have more than 1000 and less than 1500:
Then select "Submit sitemap". and completed

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