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How to Use Jingling Auto Visitor Bot Software Black Hat SEO

Posted by Ran Dreamer on 8 Apr 2015

How to Use Jingling Auto Visit Bot Software Black Hat SEO - Previously I would like to say that "Jingling" are included black hat SEO techniques. So I do not recommend for a blog or website that has adsense ads.

How to Use Jingling actually very easy, if you do not understand the Chinese language, then I'll tell you how to use this Jingling, please carefully look good either way use below, look carefully.


1. id registered.
2. The address or link recorded.
3. visitors
4. Status: (GREEN) work, (RED) problem.
5. option: (LEFT) pause or restart, (RIGHT) to remove the links.
6. option: (LEFT) timed browsing, (RIGHT) traffic origin (see below).
7. optimization (see below).
8. add a new link.
9. add the existing url (optional).

Browsing period


1. The time line: 0 to 23 hours.
2. The flow rate: 0% to 100%.
3. option: (Save), (Reset), (Default), (Cancel).

Traffic control visitor

1. option: (1) traffic China, (2) the whole world, (3) most of the world, (4) traffic west (5) custom (?) (?).
note: verify the source of the traffic (2) and (3) above.
2. option: (1) save, (2) reset, (3) the default, (4) canceled.

Additional settings


1. Independent IP / Page Visits: 1 to 3.
2. Automatic Access: Determined by IPV.
3. Refresh: Reload current page only.
4. Access Re: Visit sub-page, and open the home page.
5. Matching: Visit the "matching string".
6. Pop-ups: Enable or Disable (if you have a popup code on your site).
7. Purpose: Enable or Disable (if you want to drive traffic after the page loads).
8. List the goal.
9. Purpose Option: (Add), (Delete).
10. Referer URL: Enable or Disable ("From" traffic).
11. List referrers.
12. Referer Option: (Add), (Edit), (Delete).
13. Option: (Save), (Cancel).

For those who have not downloaded the latest software Jingling, please at Jingling Download Latest Version
Password : 123456

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